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What is an Encapsulated crawlspace and why should you consider it?

An encapsulated crawlspace transforms the underside of your dwelling into a sealed environment, allowing humidity to be brought down to better levels. Couple an encapsulation with a properly sized dehumidifier and you're in full control of what's going on beneath your home.

Crawlspaces are known to suffer from numerous problems, most of which are caused by high humidity. Issues that arise with maintaining high humidity levels are listed below.

  • Damaged Insulation, as moisture seeks dry. The humidity will seep into insulation, which over time, will cause your insulation to sag, in turn lowering your home's energy efficiency.

  • Mold growth

  • Unwelcomed structure damaging pests like termites and powderpost beetles.

  • Unfavorable odors

  • Possible 1st level floor damage. (Floors have been known to start a process called cupping, due to high humidity beneath.)

An Encapsulation is no small task. The steps to the process are as follows.

  • Addressing any existing mold growth

  • Removal of any & all debris from contractors, etc

  • Correcting possible soil grade issues

  • Possible installation of a French drain (if water intrusion is an issue)

  • Installation of a sump pump

  • Sealing off of crawlspace vents

  • Laying of drainage matting and felt throughout entire space

  • 90 mil liner then gets installed. It will cover foundation walls, columns and the ground

  • Installation of dehumidifier when necessary

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