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Termites vs an Encapsulated Crawlspace

Most people call pest control when they realize they have termites in their house. I don't blame them! What they don't realize is that their crawlspace can most definitely be the root of the issue.

Termites are a very common problem, and unfortunately, homeowners don't think to take preventative steps for this issue. Termites have very thin skin (literally!), so humidity allows them to thrive, without the fear of drying themselves out. They even go as far as to "encapsulate" their own colony, for opposite reasons than EncapSolutions. They trap humidity within the colony to preserve themselves, allowing them to go about their day, eating your structure from the inside out. Luckily, an Encapsulation can help prevent those little annoying pests from even beginning their rent-free takeover, thanks to the controlled humidity levels that our service brings to the forefront.

**Did you know that powderpost beetles are another structure eating pest that are reliant on humidity? Humidity over 65% creates the optimal environment for the hatching process to begin. Dropping the level to below 60%, the hatching process turns to zero.

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